The Black Box theatre | Friday, March 9, 2:00 PM
Short Film Program: Fragile Lives
Human existence is precarious. Bodies and minds are not infallible, as far as science and medicine have taken us.
Ozge Calafato, Akkasah Center for Photography Project Manager and ISF Programmer, will lead a post-screening discussion with filmmakers including Jim Savio and Zahra Al-Mahdi.
Short Film Program: Fragile Lives
The Black Box Theater, 2:00 PM

Human existence is precarious. Bodies and minds are not infallible, as far as science and medicine have taken us. Against the unstable world, we form homes and families, sharing strength. But even here, we may not be protected: from illness, from familial dramas, from dystopian circumstances that trap us in the same houses designed to shelter and protect us. The films in this program, including Jim Savio's Tabiib, Mehdi Barsaoui's We Are Just Fine Like This, and Rami Aloui's This Lovely Life, revolve around stories of disease and healing, family and home.

Including the films:

We Are Just Fine Like This
Mehdi Barsaoui, Tunisia, 2016, 19 min

Baba Azizi (played by legendary director Nouri Bouzid) is an old man, who has not been spared by illness. Passed around by his adult children, he finds himself at his daughter's for a couple of days. An ordeal is expected, but things will not go as he imagines.

Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki, Iran, 2017, 5 min

A slice of a woman's life and routine with breast cancer in the technological world.

That Lovely Life
Rami Aloui, Morocco / Algeria, 2017, 22 min

In an unspecified future, a North African family live under a permanent curfew until their government get rid of the "foreign hand."

Bird Watch - Health
Zahra Al-Mahdi, Kuwait, 2017, 3 min

In a casual interview, little Layla explains to us how the digestive system works – starting with the eyes and moving on down to the "stomach animal", then tells us a bit about why she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Tabiib (The Doctor)
Jim Savio, UAE, 2017, 30 min

Nearing retirement Dr. Ibrahim (Mansoor Alfeeli), a psychotherapist, finds himself increasingly isolated. Haunted by the stories of his patients, the death of a young son, his addiction to the news, and a secret he never should have kept, he despairs.

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Sally Warring
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Zahra Al-Mahdi
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