New Adventures in Docufiction
Nine stories of astronauts and minerals in a spectrum of hybrid genres.
Stones take on human traits in a jeweler's explanation of gem-cutting, a fictional documentary explores the real hidden history of the first women in the space program, meticulous animation explores with the utmost detail the imaginary biological data of fake research institute, a location scout seeking sci-fi landscapes finds herself narrating a documentary on opal mining, scientific explanations become physically embodied in a laboratory, Nikola Tesla's relationship with his pet bird is set aglow in light-painted images, and faceless people reenact the origins of artificial banana flavor. And this is only a little of what to expect from our debut short film program this year, Hybrid Narratives.

The hybridity of the 10th Imagine Science Film Festival isn't restricted to just chimeric organisms and interdisciplinary subjects, but is worked deeply into the very structures of the films we show. And so for our very first short film program, we've decided to focus on a few of the many approaches to docufiction, the ambiguous, exhilarating collision of documentary and fiction in a single film. In this case, nine single films. It's not only a great overview to the fest full of standout works, but a succinct explanation of what all of Imagine Science Films is interested in exploring.

Hybrid Narratives shows at 1:00, Saturday October 14, at New School. Get your tickets here.
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