Scenes is a collection of moving images that showcase science research around the world.

isf-mold-scenesScientists record experiments using moving images. Data captured through time-lapse microscopy, PyMOL analysis, 3D reconstruction, MRI models, EEG brain wave models, animal behavior data and other forms of visual data are often preliminary data or do not provide meaningful results to be including in publications. Beautiful, interesting footage is then lost in labs around the world. Scenes aims to collect this footage and showcase it on the big screen to engage the public with science through the beauty of raw science data. Scenes collects submissions from labs year-round. Please find submission requirements below:

Submission Requirements:

  • 5 minutes or less
  • No Intensive Post-Production (ex: color correction)
  • Preferably little to no trace of human narration or activity unless your lab studies HUMANS.
  • Name of Video: Scenes: #Laboratory, #University/Institute/Company, #City
  • Description of what the data represents