Flesh That Remembers / Carne Que Recuerda


Daila Huerta Cano | 26 min | Mexico | 2009

The story of nine parts of the body of persons who have suffered irrevocable changes during the year. Animations of body transformations – through growth, aesthetic or pathological changes – are illustrated with testimonies and images of some of the spaces that surrounded each character.

Ciencias Cinematograficas
8:00pm  Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Director | Dalia Huerta Cano
Writer | Dalia Huerta Cano
Editor | Dalia Huerta Cano
Producer | Dalia Huerta Cano
Sound | Miguel Ángel Blanco

Dalia Huerta Cano was born in Guadalajara in 1978. Communication and in turn studied various courses and workshops in film and video in Mexico, the Netherlands and Cuba. She specializes in documentary photography and video experimental video. For four years he made video for the Grupo Reforma newspaper. Holgásmica belonged to the group of Lomography. She has had exhibitions of video and still photography (back) in Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Germany and Ecuador. She currently works in Campermedia (www.campermedia.com) as a cinematographer and freelance for various companies. She has participated in several documentaries in the business of photography. In his work combines analog and digital techniques and different formats. It has the support of the ECSC 2008.