Imagine Science Film Festival Touring Program


Imagine Science Films is launching the Imagine Science Film Festival Tour! Four programs that convey the breadth of the 8th Annual ISF Festival which took place in NYC October 16-24, will be available for bookings through 2016.

Included are the four programs downloadable from our FTP site in high res, along with publicity materials for each program. For more information contact Managing Director Isa Cucinotta at

What people have said about the festival…

Time Out NY, October 14-20, 2015
“More than 116 shorts and 10 features get the spotlight at this showcase of visually striking and scientifically sound films.” “It’s ideal for fans of the brainy and beautiful.”

Alex Pasternak, 10/17/15
“In the spirit of science, the festival isn’t simply about bringing science to the public, but about raising new questions too. Like, what’s a “science film” anyway?”

Cynthia Fox,, 11/18/15
“They [the films] provide evidence that art and science are not just high-powered fraternal twins, dependent like no other fields of endeavor on a shared creativity, a shared ability to see beyond the field of vision.”

Julia Buntaine,, 10/20/15
“The opening evening [Escape Velocity] ended with a panel discussion moderated by author Nicola Twilley and featuring planetary scientist David Grinspoon, artist and filmmaker Su Rynard (featured on other nights of the festival), and Google engineer Jon Bedard. Their discussion, covering topics from how to see the invisible to how virtual reality technology can be used to teach students about climate change, ended in the conclusion that understanding air is really a matter of perspective – to understand air, we need perspective. Given that art is the age-old perspective giver, no conclusion could have been more appropriate for an evening of science-based film.”


Escape Velocity (72 min)
Seen from the ground, the air appears limitless. Seen from beyond, it is a thin layer spread across the surface of the Earth. These ten films, from data-dense documentary to experimentally animated storytelling all deal with our fascination with what lies at the edge of the sky, from the satellites that orbit the earth to the alien natural history of a planet far beyond; with stops along the way for historical psychiatric experiments, lost cosmonauts, and the origins of the Universe.

Missing One Player | Lei Lei | China | 2015 | 4m
An astronaut finds solace in mahjong amidst brilliantly-designed cosmic destruction.

Geosynchronous | Toby Smith | UK | 2015 | 11m
A richly detailed data-travelogue follows satellites from earthly production to furthest orbit.

Monkey Love Experiments | Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson | UK | 2014 | 9m
1969: One of Harry Harlow’s Maternal Deprivation Study monkeys dreams of the space program glimpsed on television.

Unclear Proof | Max Hattler | Hong Kong | 2013 | 1m
Mundane analogue techniques model exotic extraterrestrial phenomena. What further evidence do you need?

Ghost Cell | Antoine Delach| France | 2015 | 7 min
A scientific and dreamlike documentary at once, Ghost Cell is a stereoscopic plunge into the guts of an organic Paris seen as a cell through a virtual microscope.

Astrobotic: the Moon and Beyond | Jonathan Minard | USA | 2015 | 4m
A robotics startup in Pittsburgh prepares for a historic moon mission.

Mars Closer | Annelie Boros & Vera Brückner | Germany/Japan/Latvia | 2015 | 16m
Two prospective astronauts for a planned 2024 mars mission envision the thrills and challenges that await them.

Vostok Zero | Perttu Inkilä, Velda Parkkinen, & Liis Mehine | Finland | 2015 | 5m
May 1961. Italian amateur radio operators record the deadly re-entry of an unknown female cosmonaut. Officially, this never happened, but if it did, she was the first woman in space.

Cosmog | Cindy Lo | France | 2013 | 3m
Rapid animation unravels the Big Bang Theory.

PLANET ∑ | Momoko Seto | France | 2014 | 12m
Giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. Submarine explosions provoke global warming, and a new life begins. The natural history of a newly discovered exo-planet?

Unseen Waves, Invisible Forces (71 min)
So-called empty air is nonetheless the densely active medium of the unseen: vibrated by sound waves, crossed by radiation, and pulsing with electromagnetic fields.

Fly, Fly Sadness | Miryam Charles | Canada/Haiti | 2015 | 6m
Following a nuclear explosion that transforms the voices of all the inhabitants of an island, a journalist seeks answers.

As Soon As Weather Will Permit | Su Rynard | Canada | 2015 | 15m
Personal recollections of WWII become a meditation on memory, meaning and scientific discovery in the time of war.

Rare Earthenware | Toby Smith | UK | 2015 | 7m
Where do our specialty electronic components come from, and what do they actually cost? A data-dense travelogue into the products that surround us.

Treasure Island | Elizabeth Lo & Melissa Langer | USA | 2014 | 7m
Children living on a former naval base re-imagine the threat of radioactive waste buried beneath their homes.

(a)symmetry | Dave Fischer | USA | 2015 | 3m
The physical enfolding of self. Niels Bohr summarizes key physics over abstracted motions.

Quiet Zone | Karl Lemieux & David Bryant | Canada | 2014 | 14m
Electrical hypersensitivity sufferers seek relief from the waves and fields that surround us everywhere. Is there any escape in the modern world?

Suspended by Sound | Tiago Marconi | Brazil | 2015 | 7m
Researchers from the University of São Paulo have developed a technique for sound-based levitation.

Soundprint | Monteith McCollum | USA | 2014 | 8m
The marks left by sonic frequencies. Imagery from optical soundtracks and micro photography of records play against similar signals received by sand, water, and people.

Icarus | César Pesquera | France | 2013 | 4m
The hazards of looking, to the secret crews photographing the first U.S. nuclear tests.

The Phenomenology of Ghosts (78 min)
What is a ghost? A mysterious light, an atmospheric anomaly, a disappearance, a residual family memory clinging to the walls of an empty house? These three films each take spectral, experimental approaches to scientific inquiry, in various modes of haunting, haunted cinematic collage.

Apariciones | Luz Olivares Capelle | Austria | 2014 | 23m
Apariciones is a collage short film, an associative definition, a visual thinking process, a physics of illusions

The Tiniest | Tomislav Šoban | Croatia | 2014 | 16m
My best friend lived across the street. He went into his house that night. The store was closing. It was summertime, it was 9 PM. That was the last time I saw him.

Quiet Title | Alina Taalman | USA | 2015 | 36m
When I ask my father about the past, he answers with the Theory of Relativity, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and the speed of light. For others in the family, the past is a story of ghosts.

Observer Effects (78 min)
The eye is a camera. Optics and filmmaking are both the study of light. Point a camera at some part of the world and it reacts, it is changed through the act of looking and recording, just as observation changes the state of a particle in quantum physics. This program is about the act of looking as science, as film, as storytelling, and as optics.

In Waking Hours | Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vanagt | Netherlands | 2015 | 18m
Beautifully reproduced early vision experiments demonstrate the cow eye as organic camera.

Track | Takeshi Nagata & Kazue Monno | Japan | 2015 | 4m
Multi-layered light-painted animations become a dynamic evolutionary history.

Blue-Eyed Me | Alexey Marfin | UK/Hong Kong | 2015 | 7m
Your genetic information, and even your unique eye color, may soon be just another commodity in the globalized post-personal economy.

InVisible | Lia Giraud | France | 2014 | 19m
A richly imagined exploration of light as photography and quantum theory.

Cams | Carl-Johan Westregård | Sweden | 2014 | 13m
A sequence of 360-degree nature shots become a tense minimalist science fiction epic.

All Rot | Max Hattler | Hong Kong | 2015 | 3m
Close observation transforms ordinary surfaces into a violent sensory experience.

Object | Paulina Skibińska | Poland | 2015 | 14m
A cryptic search, beautiful and abstract, unfolds above and below the ice.