Announcing the Imagine Science Abu Dhabi 2018 Awards
Scientific Merit Award (500 USD)

The Scientific Merit Award is granted to the film that best exemplifies science in narrative filmmaking in a compelling, credible, and inspiring manner.

WINNER: That Lovely Life by Rami Aloui
RUNNER-UP: Mars Society by Giulia Grossmann

The Scientist Award (500 USD)

Films made by and about scientists are eligible. The goal of this award is to encourage more scientists to create films that let audiences into their minds, labs, and lifestyle.

WINNER: The Breeder by Demelza Kooij
RUNNER-UP: Tabiib by Jim Savio

Visual Science Award (500 USD)

The Visual Science Award is given to the film that best depicts science in a visually­ engaging manner.

WINNER: Nex by Michael Loithaler, Marlene Raml, & Philipp Buschauer
RUNNER-UP: Pink by Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki

Audience Choice Award

The Audience Choice Award is given to the film that receives the best score through audience ballots.

WINNER: Tabiib by Jim Savio
RUNNER-UP: Ranapakhara by Swapna Kurup
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