Special thanks to all those who have helped make ISFF10 happen!
Without the support of our sponsors, Imagine Science Films would have never grown past its seedy filmerati origins at Rockefeller University, where cinephiles would cram into dark classrooms after hours to steal projector time. Over the last decade, this passion project has left East Manhattan and gone global, infiltrating Paris and Abu Dhabi, among others, being cared for and watered by individuals and organizations all across the world who have found in it something worth nurturing.

As our 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival edges closer, we would like to thank all of our sponsors who have invested in us year after year, as well as those who have just discovered and joined our Imagine Habitat. With their help, we have planned an amazing week and are beyond excited to show the NYC community what we have in store!
Check out the10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival Schedule HERE!
Our supporting sponsors
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