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About the Lab

The Imagine Science Films Lab is dedicated to teaching, documenting and preserving the accuracy of science through film. The Lab includes our Symbiosis Film Competition which pairs up scientists and filmmakers to collaborate and Scenes initiative, which has scientists submit short clips of their research . These filmmaking initiatives serve not only to capture the scientific process, but often take on an artistic quality of their own, and create a window into the world of a science lab. Since 2012, Imagine Science Film Lab has also been the home of all original productions created by Imagine Science Films titled Field Work. Field Work films already include weekly Spotlight Videos which focus on the themes of the annual Imagine Science Films and commissioned pieces both for the festival and year-round for universities, pharmaceutical & biotech companies, museums, and schools. Our consulting mission caters to organizations who want to create a window into the world of a science lab, enabling them to appreciate science through the visual and scientific storytelling and then share the results with others, while our Student Film Lab is dedicated to teaching students science through filmmaking.