Educational Outreach

Student Film Lab

The Student Film Lab is dedicated to teaching high school students science through filmmaking. The education outreach and resulting films will serve not only to capture a targeted aspect of current research but also take on an artistic quality. Our goal is to help students create a window into the world of a science lab, enabling them to appreciate science through the filmmaking process and then to share the results with others.

For Imagine Science Abu Dhabi 2016, we once again worked with local high schoolers to encourage the use of films in exploring science. Working with the theme, “air above us, air inside us,” students were taught the basics of filmmaking and given several weeks to shoot material. They then received a short course in editing, in order to put together short, 2-3 minute films on the topic, which were given a special screening and played throughout the duration of the exhibition. More information about Student Film Lab 2015 can be found here.

Classroom Screenings

Imagine Science Films partners with educators and schools to make sci-art films available in classrooms, for students’ education and enjoyment.

Recent partnerships included screenings at Harvard University, in Peter Galison and Robb Moss’s course Filming Science.

For any inquiries involving classroom screenings, please contact