The Creeping Garden in New York and Berlin


This year, gripping slime mold bio/art documentary The Creeping Garden will be getting its NEW YORK PREMIERE at the Imagine Science Film Festival  this Saturday at the Wythe Hotel, and its EUROPEAN PREMIERE at the STATE Festival in Berlin on October 28! Wherever you are, don’t miss it. Hot off a win for Best Documentary at the Fantastic Fest of Austin, Texas, The Creeping Garden is a real-life science fiction exploring aRead more ➠

Monday, 10.20: Focus on Infinity


Join us Monday, October 20, at the Museum of the Moving Image, for the NEW YORK PREMIERE of Focus On Infinity, a globe-spanning search for the origins of the universe and existence, juxtaposing gorgeous images of landscape and technology against the musings of top physicists, astronomers, and theorists. Pushing well beyond ordinary documentary technique, the filmmakers describe this as an “adventure film” a genre justified by its wide travels and determined search for answersRead more ➠

Science Films in Paris: Pariscience International Film Festival 2014

2014News & Views

    Do you like science films? Do you like Paris? You should check out the Pariscience International Film Festival! This year the festival will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary and will held from October 2 – 7, 2014 at the Natural History Museum in Paris, France. Pariscience International Film Festival is an annual film festival that showcases the best French and International science-themed films. The festival aims toRead more ➠

Spotlight 27: Astronomy in New York


  Every Tuesday night on the Highline, NYC, members of the Amateur Astronomers’ Association of New York gather to look at the stars, setting up their telescopes to allow public to stargaze for free! Imagine Science met up with Joe Delfausse to talk about space and what people can see in the summer night sky. The Moon and Saturn were the highlights of the night. We also chatted to Laura Gonzalez, whoRead more ➠

Chemical Cuisine: Beefy Situations

2014Chemical CuisineNews & Views

 WARNING: This article might tell you information you do not want to know.   The development of the American food system has been following the same trajectory for a long time. In many respects, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) farm policy has promoted a transformation of agriculture from relatively small units to large scale ones relying heavily on fertilizers, mechanization as well as subsidies. The Farming Crisis ofRead more ➠

Join Imagine Science at TEDMED September 10-12!


Curious about what’s next in health innovation? Join Imagine Science Films at TEDMED from September 10-12 to hear engaging talks from transformative leaders about the future of global healthcare. TEDMED will be taking place in both San Francisco and Washington, DC with an incredible line up of healthcare and medical experts. For more on the sessions, check out the Imagine Science Films TEDMED film series here. Register at here orRead more ➠

2014: The New 2001

2014Fiction to FutureNews & Views

Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey takes the viewer on a two-and-a-half hour-long journey that addresses multiple scientific fields. In the span of the film, science fiction meets evolutionary biology, computer science, artificial intelligence, astronomy, space flight, and extraterrestrial life. Not only does the film address all of these scientific fields, but it also mixes different kinds of storytelling, through both conventional, linear storylines and avant-garde experimental film.Read more ➠

A Chat With Anna Yates

2014NewsNews & Views

Late last week, I got to sit down with the exuberant Anna Yates, production designer for both the short and feature versions of The Fly Room. Written and directed by Imagine Science’s own Alexis Gambis, The Fly Room is based on a true story of a young girl named Betsy and her experience in her father’s, Calvin Bridges, insect laboratory. Calvin Bridges was one of the pioneers of genetics research,Read more ➠

Spotlight 26: A Lab on Wheels


The BioBus is a 1974 transit bus filled with microscopes to become a mobile laboratory which travels across New York City to give children a glimpse into a fascinating microscopic world. Imagine Science’s Samuel Ridgeway and Hudson McLane caught up with the BioBus’s Sarah and Matthew Weisberg as they spent the day with students from Camp RESTORE, investigating the tiny creatures that live in the East River. Camp RESTORE isRead more ➠