A preview of what's in store for Imagine Science Film's Opening Night!
This Opening Night, we are excited to have eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi and director Alessandro d'Emilia join us for a screening of Dusk Chorus, an extension of Monacchi's ongoing project, Fragments of Extinction! Stay tuned for a ticket link by subscribing to our newsletter.

Feature-length film program

Dusk Chorus follows Monacchi on his quest to record pure 24-hour continuous 3D soundscapes in the Amazon and offers a unique listening experience of the rainforest's vanishing sonic heritage. The ability to experience nature through sound "gives rise to an intimate understanding of something primordial, unknown but somehow profoundly resonant and familiar."

Dusk Chorus is part of a more reaching mission to foster public awareness of what Monacchi calls "the Sixth Mass Extinction" and "the most silent catastrophe of our times".
Journey through the entirety of Monacchi's interdisciplinary project HERE!
Stay tuned for a ticket link by subscribing to our newsletter!
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