An online community promoting collaboration between scientists, filmmakers, and artists around the world.

Launched in September 2017, just in time for the 10th Anniversary Imagine Science Film Festival in New York City, HABITAT is an international directory of scientists, filmmaker and artists who are committed to visual scientific storytelling.

We have already over 100 profiles from our past alumni and current participants of the upcoming film festival.

Here are a few insights about "science' and "art" from our Habitat community members.

"My films deal with spaces where human and non-human animals intersect. I am keen to work with scientists (biologists, zoologists, conservationists, zoos, museums, park rangers) to get access to such spaces and learn about their encounters with the animals and the way humans engage with these animals or other organisms."
- Demelza Kooij, Artist, Lecturer in Liverpool, United Kingdom

My work mines the "cultural unconscious" of science — the imaginative, playful, spectacular, and bizarre — as well as the political: those aspects which are repressed when we consider science as objective, dispassionate, and without bias.
- Rachel Mayeri, Filmmaker & Artist in Claremont (California), United States

My art and science work is mostly focused on the theory behind scientific observations, so a lot of my process involves extensive secondary research. For example, when I started working on The Flow, I spent about a year researching the theoretical background before even beginning to create anything.
- Markos Kay, Animator & Artist, London, United Kingdom

Meet our Habitat Community Members
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