Feature-length documentary to premiere in North America before Closing Night ceremonies!
Before our Closing Night festivities, we are pleased to screen Emirati poet and film director Nujoom Al Ghanem's Honey, Rain & Dust for the first time in North America!

This documentary offers a unique ethnographic and ecological look into bee-keeping traditions in the mountains of the United Arab Emirates. It is Al Ghanem's third feature-length film, offering viewers a glimpse into an unseen corner of the Arabian Gulf, as well as the chance to explore the perspective of an artist who has changed the perception of Emirati women on the world stage.

Honey, Rain & Dust will be shown at the American Museum of Natural History in partnership with the Margaret Mead Film Festival and director Nujoom Alghanem will be in attendance.
Ticket and event details available HERE!
HONEY, RAIN & DUST (86 min)
Feature-length film program

Aisha, Fatima and Ghareeb are among the best known honey specialists in the northern parts of the UAE. Ghareeb is also considered a beekeeper because he established a sanctuary at the top of the mountains, where he can be in control of the surrounding environment and protect his honeybees. Fatima and Aisha prefer to roam the mountains freely to find the highest natural honey. Meanwhile, the bees are coping with climate change, survival challenges and the production of honey. Involuntarily, the bees have become integral to the lives of Aisha, Fatima and Ghareeb. But, for how long and to what extent can the bees keep providing?
"At the beginning of my research I tried to focus on the anthropological aspects of how the women and men of the Northern Emirates make a living out of beekeeping and/or honey hunting. However, I discovered that the environmental challenges and impact of climate changes on both people and bees are more serious issues than documenting the work process. Not only that but it was fascinating to see how people and bees have a balanced and harmonious ritualistic relation. They both survive in peacefulness and are both victims of the external forces. Overall I would love for the audience to experience this unknown part of the UAE and find its people and its bees as inspiring as I did." - Nujoom Al Ghanem
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