Presenting new works spanning documentary, fiction, and experimental film, IMAGINE SCIENCE FILMS returns to the Middle East for a fourth year to showcase the best of the global intersection between science and art. The festival will bring together the most exciting scientific and science-inspired short and feature films, video installations, and much more from the UAE, the Gulf, and beyond, while additional events like panel discussions, Q&As, talks, workshops, and performances with top artists, scientists, and filmmakers expand the conversation and involve our audiences directly. Join us for a deep look into the natural, technological, and theoretical worlds, from the smallest molecule to the furthest reaches of space and everything in between.

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Our full program will be an international survey of groundbreaking new science filmmaking, with a special emphasis on films from and about the Middle East and North Africa. All genres of film with a sound scientific basis are welcome! We love films that defy categorization: show us fictional documentaries, dazzling data visualizations, thought-provoking experimental film, and other scientifically leaning, genre-bending creations. If you have questions, feel free to email our Director of Programming, Nate Dorr, at

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