Announcing the winners of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival!
Congratulations to the winners!
The Science/AAAS Scientist Award
The Science/AAAS Scientist Award is presented by Science/AAAS to a film that portrays in an accurate and inventive way the life of a scientist. The goal of this award is to encourage more scientists to create films that let us into their minds, labs, and lifestyle.
The Science/AAAS Scientist Runner-Up
The Scientific Merit Award
The Scientific Merit Award is given by a jury to the film that exemplifies science in storytelling and narrative filmmaking in a compelling, credible and inspiring manner.
The Scientific Merit Runner-Up
Nautilus Visual Science Award
The Nautilus Visual Science Award is an award presented by Nautilus to the film that best depicts science in a visually-engaging manner.
The Nautilus Visual Science Runner-Up
Labocine People's Choice Award
The Labocine People's Choice Award is presented by Labocine to the short film that receives the most audience votes during the festival.
The Labocine People's Choice Runner-Up
The Special Mention Science Feature Film Award
The Special Mention Science Feature Film Award is given by the jury to the feature film that is the strongest exemplar of science told through innovating and compelling storytelling.
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