Photon, a Summary of the Universe
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A strong dose of eye and brain candy in equal measure.
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" It's hard to think of a recent non-fiction debut as ambitious and bewildering as Photon, Polish artist Norman Leto's meta essay about the origins of the universe and the potential dystopia (albeit with flying cars) to come.
Leto pairs his sublime and often incalculably strange extreme close-ups of particles and waves, illustrating abstract scientific concepts like the Higgs field through impeccable 3D models and subtle practical effects, with a self-consciously droning, schoolmarm-like British voiceover, ironically undercutting his frequently astonishing visuals with the most ordinary sounds you'd expect from a high school science documentary. The effect is jarring but bold, and the viewer is constantly thrown off-kilter—forced to decide whether to take what they're seeing at face value, as a lost educational doc from a bygone era, or as a provocation. "

-Angelo Muredda, Torontoist
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