Imagine Science Satellite Festival
Przemiany Cinema
Join us in Warsaw this September 15 - 17
We may be deep into final preparations for the 10th edition of the Imagine Science Film Festival next month, but we're excited to be holding another satellite festival this month as well, our first ever in Poland! Begun in 2009, The Przemiany Festival, whose name translates to "transitions" or "changes", shares many of our interdisciplinary and envelope-pushing interests, asking big questions and mixing art, performance, film, discussion, and music. This year, it's be taking place at Copernicus Science Center of Warsaw September 14 -17, and we're honored to be presenting three programs of hand-picked favorite films.

Here's the line-up. Check out the Przemiany site for the full film details and schedule.

Searching the Beyond (TRT 83 min)
Voyagers (Santiago Menghini, Canada, 2015)
Hotaru (William Laboury, France, 2015)
Mars Closer (Annelie Boros & Vera Brückner, Germany / Japan / Latvia, 2015)
Black (Tomasz Popakul, Poland, 2016)
Bow Shock (Javier Diez, Spain, 2016)

Life on the Brink of the Singularity (TRT 77 min)
Quantum Fluctuations (Markos Kay, UK, 2016)
The Mirror System (Eva Zornio, Switzerland, 2015)
Blue-Eyed Me (Alexey Marfin, UK / Hong Kong, 2015)
The Signal and the Noise (Charlie Tweed, UK, 2016)
Paramusical Ensemble (Tim Grabham, UK, 2015)
Geosynchronous (Toby Smith, UK, 2015)
Shrinking Microscope Lenses (Chris Burns, USA, 2016)
A Net to Capture Light (Erin Espelie, USA, 2016)
Autonomous (Per Eriksson & Alexander Rynéus, Sweden, 2014)

Scenes from the Biosphere (TRT 71 min)
Rhacophorus (Laura Verlinden, Netherlands, 2016)
Archives of Extinction (Alyce Takayesu, USA, 2016)
A.D.A.M. (Vladislav Knežević, Croatia, 2014)
Rare Earthenware (Toby Smith, UK, 2015)
Deforest (Grayson Cooke, Australia, 2015)
The catalysts of CHANGE: Adapting to changing weather in Ladakh (Chintan Gohil, India, 2013)
Is there enough soil to feed a planet of cities? (Valerio Palma, Italy, 2015)
Wayward Fronds (Fern Silva, USA, 2014)
Of course, film is only a part of the overall programming. We'll leave you with Przemiany's own words:
Przemiany is a festival encouraging a critical reflection on the changes happening around us. Science and technology, presented in a credible way, are always part of the festival. We focus on the future which we receive here and now. In other words, we notice and analyze the changes around us which can have a big impact on our lives in the future. It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.
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