wednesday, October 18
Future Biology Talks
Our Reimagining Biology Program at ISFF origin point and recent Nobel Prize-recipient institution Rockefeller University investigates a series of groundbreaking developments in the biological sciences from Van Leeuwenhoek's early microscopy experiments to the latest imaging technologies.

To expand the conversation, the film program will also be punctuated by talks from three current scientists changing the way we look at biology today!
Sally Warring
Pondlife: Microbial Movies for General Audiences
Microbial organisms are intrinsically fascinating and visually stunning. They are architects, builders, travellers, parasites, hunters, scavengers, and prey. They have sex lives and mating rituals. They build communities and they go it alone. They are as complex in terms of behavior and lifestyle as any plant or animal, yet most of us never get to see them. Pondlife is an effort to document these organisms as the complex living creatures that they are, and make them accessible and appealing to wide audiences.

Du Cheng
LabCam: Revolutionize microscopy and medical imaging with mobile technology.

Microscopy and medical imaging is a specialized field that require expensive instruments that are not so easy to use. Using LabCam as a universal mobile platform, we are not only making these task much easier, but also with better quality. We are making more devices that allow doctors to exam patients or medial specimens in detail remotely.
Anyi Mazo-Vargas
Talk: Butterfly GenePaint v 1.0
Butterfly wings present complex patterns that play many roles like warnings for predators or camouflage. We are interested in the genes behind those patterns in order to understand how morphological complexity develops and evolves. Here, I would show you how single genes can produce dramatic evolutionary shifts in butterfly wings.

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