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Imagine Science at the 41st International Wildlife Film Festival
This year, we're excited to be part of the 41st edition of the International Wildlife Film Festival of Missoula, Montana. Bringing together some of our favorite films of ISFF 2018 along with a few classics and one we've never shown before, our program takes a close look at the natural world through a variety of means. And, more importantly, gives nature a chance to look back and to reflect on us.

The program shows Tuesday, April 17, at 5:30. You can get tickets here, or take a look at the full schedule here.

Program notes:

Reimagining Wildlife: Short Films from Imagine Science Film Festival
(TRT: 72 minutes)

Nex Michael Loithaler, Marlene Raml, Philipp Buschauer | 5 min | Austria | 2016
Nex is a hybrid symbiosis of computer generated pictures and filmed material. The short describes a cruel but common natural event reinterpreted to reveal details that normally would stay hidden from the observer. The film is about the attack of a cordyceps fungus on a rhinoceros beetle and the following struggle between life and death, showing that even the tiniest things can have a great impact and that death is not only the end, but can be the beginning of something new and beautiful.

Butterfly Wing Development in Vitro: Buckeye & Painted Lady
Aaron Pomerantz & Nipam H. Patel | 1 min | USA | 2017
The beauty of metamorphosis is illustrated through the development of the hindwing of a buckeye butterfly, and both fore- and hindwing of a painted lady butterfly, imaged during the complete period (approximately 8 days) of pupal development.

The Secret World of Moths
Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen | 25 min | Finland | 2015
The Secret World of Moths is a magical journey to the world of moths. Using 3D X-ray tomography we shed light to their hidden macrocosm and explore their way of life in an unprecedented way. Geographically the film spans from the Arctic Circle to the Equator. Observing these two extreme environments helps us learn about and understand the diversity and complexity of their macroscopic world and our fragile existence on planet Earth.

Peter Burr & Alexandra Grote | 3 min | USA | 2017
Some parasitic nematodes have an endosymbiosic relationship with the bacteria Wolbachia. In Nematodes, we reconstruct this symbiotic relationship and break it down, finding ourselves at the model's writhing core.

The Great Silence
Allora & Calzadilla | 16 min | USA | 2016
Arecibo, the world's largest radio telescope, is located in Esperanza, Puerto Rico, which is also home to a critically endangered species of parrots. The telescope functions as an ear that is capable of capturing signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. The witty messages from the parrots remain unnoticed.

Wolves from Above

Demelza Kooij | 6 min | Scotland | 2017
Wolves From Above is a meditation on a pack of wolves filmed from the air. The wolves are quiet and elusive. You can hear the weight of their paws on the grass, some playful growls, sniffing, licking, but on the whole this is a very still space. Many interactions take place in the video – it is evident that the wolves are communicating, but we as human viewers are not sure what is happening. The tranquil silence draws the spectator in and allows the viewer to discover a different wolf.

Butte's Berkeley Pit: New Life Emerges from its Toxic Waters
Anna Sagatov | 4 min | USA | 2016
The Berkeley Pit, an abandoned pit mine flooded with highly toxic water in Butte, Montana, has transformed innocuous yeast and fungi growing in the waters into bizarre iterations of their previous forms that produce compounds that are useful in human medicine. This evolution brings about questions of life's ability to adapt to conditions that we have never encountered before.

Squid: Coming to Life

Nipam Patel lab | 7 min | USA | 2017
Embryos of squids and cuttlefish, among the most enigmatic groups of marine creatures, rapidly develop into small versions of the adults and flash their chromatophores as young hatchlings.


Laura Verlinden | 6 min | Belgium | 2016
A contemplative journey through nature and its various facets, guided by a mysterious being. The voyage encourages us to question our place in the universe and to reflect on the elements that surround us.

Additionally, we're presenting one of our 2017 highlight features as well:

Dusk Chorus
Nika Šaravanja & Alessandro D'Emilia | 62 min | Italy | 2016
Follow the eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi on his quest to record pure continuous 24-hour 3D soundscapes in the area with the world's highest biodiversity in Ecuador's remote primary forests. A unique listening experience of fragments of the disappearing sonic heritage of millions of years of evolution.
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