The Simons Foundation Awards Support to SYMBIOSIS through Science Sandbox
We are honored to announce that the Simons Foundation will be supporting SYMBIOSIS at our 10th Anniversary Imagine Science Film Festival in NYC through the brand new Science Sandbox initiative!

The mission of Science Sandbox is to unlock scientific thinking by engaging people with the process of science. Partnerships invite a wide audience to engage in the scientific process — a process defined by curiosity, contingent upon asking questions, and informed by reliable evidence — to find solutions to everyday problems. We look forward to working alongside this community towards our shared vision of making science part of culture.

Stay tuned for more soon about our annual SYMBIOSIS initiative, which pairs scientists and filmmakers to create short films over the course of our festivals – with lots of opportunities for public engagement. The program will be showcased at the Opening and Closing nights of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival in NYC on October 13-20, as well as at a mid-week Symbiosis Lab Meeting which is a conversational night open to the public.

Past winners of this competition are available on our science film partner platform Labocineand include Light Hearted and Happy Tree.

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