Symbiosis Competition 2017
Supported by Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation.
At the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival, our yearly short film competition will once again bring together scientists and filmmakers to create a science-inspired short film, this time involving our theme of Hybrid-Identity and taking place over the course of one week.
SYMBIOSIS participants have been selected! A warm welcome to our 12 scientists and filmmakers, who will be paired up on Imagine Science 10th Annual Film Festival's Opening Night.
Films are created over the course of our festival October 13-20.

On opening night, 6 filmmakers and 6 scientists will be randomly paired and sent off into the city to begin filmmaking with a $2500 stipend in hand. On Monday, October 16 at the Bowery Arts+Science , all pairs will meet with the public to go over cinematic works-in-progress and presentation of scientific feedback. The audience assisted by Tribeca Film Institute will provide feedback, and all final films will be screened on our closing night, October 20, when a winner will be selected!

While the overarching Imagine Science Film Festival theme this year is HYBRID, for symbiosis, we'll be focusing on a specific sub-theme of IDENTITY.

How does a recombinant genome shape an individual? How does a multi-faceted or interdisciplinary origin shape the concerns of the present? How do many factors create a cohesive identity?
    Rules & Guidelines
    The SYMBIOSIS Film Competition challenges 6 team pairs comprised of both scientists and filmmakers to create a short film in just 1 week.

    Participants will have 7 days to write, shoot, edit, and score their film. They are asked to follow the guidelines below or else will not be eligible for the award:

    All creative work must take place within the "1 Week Time Period".

    Any work created in advance of the competition period will be prohibited. This includes Scriptwriting, Shooting, Costume & Set design, Use of preexisting footage. Specific requests should be forwarded to us at

    Participants are allowed to announce their involvement as of September 15. Note that participants are only paired during the festival. The only initial preparation that may be started prior to the festival includes the following: Securing Equipment, Finding Possible Crew/Cast, Scouting/Securing Locations.

    Filmmakers and scientists will be given stipends of $2500 per pair and this can be used for cast/crew. Cast/crew cannot be paid beyond this allotted stipend.

    Both scientist & filmmaker should work equally in all aspects of production and be engaged in the process together. They will be asked to talk about their collaboration several times and this will be a factor in choosing the winning the film.

    All participants must attend three open key dates: Opening Night (Oct 13), Lab meeting & Reception (Oct 16), Closing Night (October 20). A no show will automatically disqualify you from the final award. Certain exceptions are possible upon request.

    Total runtime of film must be between no less 3 minutes and no more than 5 minutes.

    Each film will begin with a brief slate, with TITLE, NAME OF BOTH PARTICIPANTS. At the end, please add IMAGINE SCIENCE FILMS LOGO.

    Delivered files should be Quicktime ProRes or H264 in HD (720p or 1080p).

    The entrant shall not distribute or advertise their film in any way during the competition period.

    Films belong to the filmmaker/scientist and can be shared online after the competition. Imagine Science Films reserves the right to showcase the film on science video platform LABOCINE after the competition.
    Awards & Jury
    The jury includes members from our partners at Tribeca Film Institute.

    All participants get a free pass to all events of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival.

    The winning film of the Symbiosis Film Competition will be awarded a cash prize by Tribeca Film Institute and featured via our sponsors and partners.

    1st Prize: $2K Music Licensing Package and 2nd Prize: $1K Music Licensing Package courtesy of Konsonant Music.

    All six films will be aired in a dedicated Labocine Spotlight after the festival and for the entire month of November and featured at Imagine Science Films News Sections.

    Symbiosis applications will be accepted through August 15th. Participants and jury to be announced by end of August. Stay tuned!
    Key Dates
    October 13 – Six filmmakers and six scientists are announced at the Opening Night of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival!
    October 16 – Lab Meeting with all participants with the participation of the Tribeca Film Institute.
    October 20 – Films are screened and the winner is announced at the Closing Night of 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival!
    Symbiosis animation from our friends at Rooftop Animation below!
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