6th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival

October 11-18, 2013

The 6th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival promises to be an exciting week of films presenting scientific fact in compelling visual narrative. This year, the festival will explore how data in all its forms and sizes is translated into cinematic stories.

In line with our missions, full day programs will be devoted to avant-garde science bits, documentaries, footage from actual lab experiments, discussion about the aesthetics of data and kid-friendly science-based films.

The Imagine Science Film Festival is first science film festival in the world founded by scientists. It aims to transform the way science and scientists are portrayed in mainstream media, while emphasizing the importance of storytelling, narrative structure, and visual communication.


Includes access to screenings and events & invitation to ISFF receptions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the ISFF take place this year?
The 2013 festival will take place from October 11-18 in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey.

Where can I find out what films are showing?
Check out the showtimes list.

Where can I see the ISFF films?
To see all of this year’s films, you’ll have to attend the festival in October! Some films will be available afterwards both on our website and on AAAS MemberCentral Portal.

Check out the 2013 Venues.


From Jason Silva, Director of To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns (Honorable Mention, UCD Imagine Science Film Festival, 2012):

I adore the ethos of Imagine Science Film Festival. Scientific ideas still have to compete for our “attention” in the “idea-marketplace”— as a communicator and artist, I find it a wonderful creative challenge to figure out ways to engage people to look deeper into these big ideas.. I want to infect people with awe- to pull them out of context in such a dramatic fashion that they need to recalibrate their mental schemata to accomodate the experience. My work is inspired by big ideas related to technology, science and the human condition. Anything that makes me go “wow”.

From Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhard, Directors of Magnetic Movie (Nature Scientific Merit Award 2009):

We’ve been following the festival all week online and wished we were there to check out all the great films — now we’re totally amazed to have won this prize! We made Magnetic Movie during an incredible opportunity to spend time with space scientists at UC Berkeley, they were so generous with their time and knowledge, and were excited to see the finished result, we can’t wait to tell them the good news! As you send us this great news we are far from civilization deep inside England’s largest forest filming our next project. Thank you, Imagine Science Film Festival.”

Jessica Sharzer, Director of The Wormhole (Nature Scientific Merit Award 2008)

“There is an unfortunate split between science and art, both in school and in popular culture. The Imagine Science Film Festival is groundbreaking in bringing together scientists and filmmakers into a new dialogue which will, hopefully, inspire new representations of science on screen. It is certainly the first time I have ever shown my film to a room full of scientists.”