American Museum of Natural History || Friday, October 20, 4:00pm
Honey, Rain & Dust
A unique ethnographic and ecological look into an unseen corner of the Arabian Gulf: honey-finding traditions of the northwestern mountains of the United Arab Emirates.
Honey, Rain & Dust
dir. Nujoom Alghanem, 2016, United Arab Emirates, 86 min


Honey finders Aisha and Ghareeb roam the northern mountains of the UAE in search of wild bees, face everyday difficulties and engage in their own worries. As for the bees, they are also occupied with the changing climate, the challenges of survival and the production of honey. Involuntarily, the bees became integral to the human lives that depend on them. They are responsible for their sustenance, and sometimes in abundant quantities. However, to what extent can the bees keep generously providing?

The film will be shown in partnership with the Margaret Mead Film Festival and director Nujoom Alghanem will be in attendance. Tickets and details available here.
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American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th St, New York, 10024
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Honey, Rain & Dust (Nujoom Alghanem, United Arab Emirates, 86 min)

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