Short Film program & Panel Discussion
Crisis Studies
10.18 | Thursday, 8:00pm | Wythe Screening Room
The film program will be followed by a panel discussion with filmmakers Nathan Kensinger and Joe Leuben, and journalist Amy Brady whose Burning Worlds column keeps up with the growing sub-genre of Cli-Fi -- climate sci-fi.
Where will you be when the world ends? Bringing together many of this year's threads of survival, our final short film program examines present and future disaster. From the neighborhoods right in New York City already rendered unliveable by sea level rise and undergoing demolition, to the web of orbital debris that may render the upper atmosphere impassible, from deathly sunlight to ecological collapse, this program explores a series of endpoints. What better culmination for the short film program than with the end of everything?
Film Program (TRT 81 min)

Astroturf (James Uren | 1 min | UK | 2017)
The Earth Is Humming (Garrett Bradley | 14 min | USA | 2017)
One Day the Sun Turned Black (Joe Lueben | 14 min | USA | 2017)
Buffer Zone Blues (Franz Milec | 9 min | Czech Republic | 2018)
Managed Retreat (Nathan Kensinger | 18 min | USA | 2018)
The Fall (Boris Labbé | 14 min | France | 2018)
Adrift (Cath Le Couteur | 11 min | UK / Chile | 2017)
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