Family Short Film program
Science For Nanos: From Dinosaurs to the Stars
10.13 | Saturday, 2pm | New York Hall of Science
Each year, we save all of our favorite science-inspired films for the whole family for our Science for Nanos program at the New York Hall of Science. This year we're back with new classics in the making from around the world, taking viewers from prehistoric Earth to the reaches of outer space!

Please note that the last two films will be shown in French with English subtitles. Non-readers among our audience can feel free to leave or stay for these bonus selections.

Film Program (TRT 45 min):

One Small Step (Bobby Pontillas | 8 min | China / USA | 2018)
A Very Wet Night at the Museum (Milan Trenc | 8 min | Croatia | 2017)
Hugo Bumfeldt (Éva Katinka Bognár | 12 min | Hungary | 2016)
Planet Z: Surprise Egg (Maria Björklund | 7 min | Finland | 2018)
V is for Vulcanosuar (Marcel Barelli | 5 min | Switzerland | 2017)
5 Minutes in Space: Black Holes (David Lowe & Vivien Floris | 5 min | France | 2018)
The film program will be followed by a conversation with filmmakers David Lowe and Bobby Pontillas.
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