Into the Shell
Into the Shell is a multimedia art exhibit that combines music, sculpture, and light to evoke the power and beauty of the ocean. As you move around the exhibit, the music shifts and changes with your movement. The path leads you to a sculptural shell based on the scientific drawings of Ernst Haeckel. You are invited to sit beneath the shell, which acts as an acoustic chamber and enhances the music.

Bivalvia Crown
Smita Sen drew her inspiration for the sculpture itself, the Bivalvia Crown, from the scientific drawings of Ernst Haeckel. Rather than simply making a large version of an existing shell, she looked at the profiles and textures of many different shells, and created a unique shape that is reminiscent of the natural shells without imitating them.

The music, composed by Joo Won Park, takes the reader on a journey with a deep, even, baseline that comes roaring in, and goes ebbing out, depending on your movement.

The lighting design by Christina Tang creates a texture similar to the patterns of light shining through the water by using colored lights and mylar.

OCTOBER, 3/ 2018
Text author: Merritt Ver Steeg
Photography: Into the Shell
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