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Wearable Media
Wearable Media, co founded by Yuchen Zhang and Hellyn Teng, unites technology and fashion to design garments that are interactive and beautiful.
This fall they will be releasing Meter, a jacket that reacts to the sounds around you. Sensors in the jacket detect musics, voices, and ambient noise; then a microcontroller with custom software translates that sound into patterns of light and color in the jacket's collar. The jacket, which will be for sale soon, is the first garment in the Meter collection. Wearable media is planning to produce jackets in a wider variety of fabrics and colors, a hoodie, and accessories.
Project Reefstone
Coral bleaching and global warming inspired Wearable Media to create Project Reefstone. The bone colored linen panels–based on graphs of global land-ocean temperatures provided by NASA–evoke the ghostly skeletons of bleached coral. With ecological issues in mind, wearable media tries to make their designs sustainable by using sustainable materials and local production facilities.
Ceres is a jumpsuit uses data from NASA's Near Earth Object Web Service (NeoWs) to connect the wearer with asteroids. Whenever an asteroid passes the earth, sensors on the back of the garment vibrate, and stripes of LEDS running up the legs light up to show you how fast the asteroid is going. Wearable media hopes that Ceres will make the wearer more conscious of asteroids, and feel more connected to the cosmos.

OCTOBER, 3 / 2018

Text author: Merritt Ver Steeg
Photography: Christopher Zapata
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