Opening Night
The Universe Is a Laboratory
10.12 | Friday, 7:00 PM | 22 Boerum Place
The 11th Imagine Science Film Festival opens at the center of what we do: with an wide-ranging, exploratory conversation between a selection of our favorite films of the year. Six U.S., East Coast, International, or World Premieres!

The film program will be followed by a panel discussion featuring filmmakers Marleine van der Werf, Réka Bucsi, and Linnea Rundgren discussing their work and our capacity to observe the universe around us, moderated by Sonia Epstein (Museum of the Moving Image and Sloan Science and Film).
At the heart of the scientific process and the Imagine Science Film Festival lies fascination. With life, with the near-boundless universe, with the fundamental nature of reality itself. And so we open our 2018 festival with a celebration of inquiry into all forms of the unknown: existence on the macro-scale and micro, secrets both personal and cosmic. And woven throughout, as through the whole festival week, brushing all with urgency and pathos, questions of survival loom large. To understand is to persevere. The universe is a vast experimental space whose rules may become more cryptic the closer we look, but it is ours to explore, to the furthest reaches of our imagination, intuition, and ability to comprehend.
Film Program (TRT 72 min):

I Saw the Future (François Vautier | 6 min | France | 2018)
Mira (Amanda Tasse | 9 min | USA | 2017)
The Prediction Machine (Marleine van der Werf | 15 min | Netherlands | 2017)
Non-Linear - A journey through Time and Microcosmic Space (Linnea Rundgren, Hugo Farrant | 6 min | Sweden / Australia | 2015)
Solar Walk (Reka Bucsi | 21 min | Denmark | 2018)
Singularity Song (Rachel Mason | 5 min | USA | 2017)
Interstellar Matter (Joshua Peek | 3 min | USA | 2018)
[O] (Mario Radev & Chiara Sgatti | 7 min | UK | 2017)
With travel support from the Netherland-America Foundation.
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