Short Films And Feature
Eyes on Elsewheres
10.24 | Thursday, 7:30pm | UnionDocs
How do we observe that which we cannot experience directly? Whether searching the surfaces of distant planets or peering into the quantum world, science seeks to extend our perception ever further. But the further we seek, the more perception, always subjective, may become a metaphor for reality. What is the truth, even, of a photographic image? Centered on The Other Side of Mars, a philosophical feature study of the exploration and documentation of the surface of Mars via robotic rover, along with films set in CERN and on the moon, this program asks questions at the top levels of scientific theory: of how much we can ever hope to know.
Following the screening we'll be joined for a conversation on Other Side of Mars with director Minna Långström, along with sociologist of science & technology and author Janet Vertesi, and astrobiologist and Mars Science Laboratory team member Dawn Sumner, both of whom are featured in the film.
Film Program (TRT 88 min):

The Sasha (Maria Molina Peiró | 20 min | Netherlands | 2019)
The View from Nowhere (Semiconductor | 13 min | UK | 2018)
The Other Side of Mars (Minna Långström | 55 min | Finland | 2019)
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