Opening Night Short Film program & Panel Discussion
Phantasmic Futures
10.18 | Friday, 8pm | Tribeca Screening Room
What lies in our ever-accelerating future? The 12th Imagine Science Film Festival opens with a series of ambiguous views of what may be ahead, not always so clearly utopian or dystopian but exploring speculative spaces of risk and possibility that lie between. How will technology continue to reshape human relationships? How will society adapt to exploit new gaps in a city increasingly under constant electronic scanning? What opportunities may direct gene editing via CRISPR offer to those seeking to leave behind elements of their personalities that hold them back? What will we find in the landscapes of the post-anthropocene? And what shapes might future nephologists glimpse in the clouds of those reconfigured skies?
The program will be followed by a panel discussion with:

-Emilia Tikka (Filmmaker, Eudaimonia)
-Kit Zahuar (Filmmaker, The Terrestrials)
-Emma Piper-Burket (Filmmaker, The Lilac Game)
-Grant Whythof (Author and historian of technology & media)
Film Program (TRT 65 min):

Dreamland (Mirai Mizue | 5 min | Japan | 2017)
Where the City Can't See (Liam Young | 11 min | UK | 2016)
Eudaimonia (Emilia Tikka | 11 min | Germany | 2018)
The Lilac Game (Emma Piper-Burket | 3 min | USA | 2019)
Ecophagy (AUJIK | 6 min | Japan | 2019)
The Terrestrials (Kit Zauhar | 15 min | USA | 2018)
Storm (Will Kindrick | 11 min | USA | 2019)
Skybaby (Julian Glander | 3 min | USA | 2018)
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