Short Film program
Twilight Geologies
10.23 | Wednesday, 7:30pm | Spectacle Theater
Otherworldly mineral landscapes glisten and flicker, sunset throws vast shadows across the clouds, craters dream, and the entire anthropocene Earth shivers and collapses in a deathly shimmer. This program collects four brilliant experiments in light, landscape, and perception, harnessing the luminous photochemical mechanics of film and projection itself to heighten the experience of climactic celestial and earthly events. These are films that demand to be seen splashed large and in the total darkness of a cinema, in their full apocalyptic and regenerative power.

Viewers should be advised that several films in this program make use of strobe effects.
Film Program (TRT 85 min):

Altiplano (Malena Szlam | 16 min | Chile/Argentina/Canada | 2018)
Umbra (Johannes Krell & Florian Fischer | 20 min | Germany | 2018)
It Has to Be Lived Once and Dreamed Twice (Rainer Kohlberger | 28 min | Austria | 2019)
Volcano: What Does a Lake Dream? (Diana Vidrascu | 21 min | France / Portugal | 2019)
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