OCTOBER 18, 2020

From conception to market. Learn from six case studies.
Science films at various stages of development, production and distribution.
Imagine Science Films & BioBus team up!

We begin the day with ...
Students Pitching Their Ideas!
This year, with BioBus, Imagine Science will showcase and elevate student voices during this virtual event: Student ORIGINS Workshop. We hope to put NYC's students in the filmmaker's and curator's chairs.

Any and all ideas welcome! Send us a one minute video (filmed horizontally) or a 2-3 sentence pitch for a visual science-art project you've imagined around the festival theme of MIGRATION to by September 20th. Any student who applies will be entered in a raffle for a free pass to the Imagine Science Film Festival 2020! The six students selected for the Workshop will have a chance at a cash prize and a spot in next year's festival line-up.

Animating a biologically accurate plucky carrier pigeon adventure story?
Staging a fiction pandemic-era film where everyone lives indoors but travels in time?
Documenting a natural migratory phenomenon in your neighborhood?
Creating multimedia interactive maps of internet traffic during quarantine? ...We can't wait to read about and see your ideas!
We will also be organizing a Student ORIGINS workshop in partnership with BioBus.

We will then feature six projects to feature in ORIGINS panel at 4pm.

Do you have a science film project in any stage of production? Would you like to share your story with us?

Stay tuned for more info!
Pitch Your Science Film
Tracking the development process of a scientific film
Join us for our annual pitch session Origins where a selection of filmmakers and scientists will share with us their works-in-progress to a panel of funders, distributors and producers specialized in scientific content . Get the behind the scenes look at what it takes to mold a scientific idea into a film. How and when do we decide on form - documentary, fiction, animation, hybrid and more.
"In all nature structure determine function."
William Herbert Sheldon
More about the Pitch Session & Student Origins Workshop by mid-September
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