To celebrate our Ten Year Anniversary at Imagine Science Films, we are adding to our international festival roster a monthly series Science Matters. The purpose is to foster a consistent, active dialogue between scientists and filmmakers year round. Each month Science Matters will be structured around a timely theme. It will include a monthly event in New York City, coordinated with the release of original film content and a new of issue of Labocine, our publicly available science film archive.

Our inaugural night of Science Matters in NYC featured a screening of Noah Hutton’s Deep Timewhich chronicles the rise of the oil industry in North Dakota, along with a discussion with the director. Stay tuned for events at the Bowery Poetry Club on March 6th and April 3rd!

Science Matters Noah Hutton 2

Monthly themes will be structured around timely and culturally-relevant scientific issues. Topics in the pipeline include: Environmental-Friendly Cinema: Activism in Documentary and Fiction, Citizen Science: What’s happening now, 2050 (Envisioning the near future), Cyborgs and Hybrids, Urban Wildlife: How we encroach on the natural world, Transmissions from the Supercollider, and New Techniques in Science Film.