‘Spectrum’ at Imagine Science Abu Dhabi 2017

Great science films often give us the impulse to break the cinematic fourth wall and step inside to explore. In recent years, technological opportunities to build interactivity into cinematic experience have rapidly expanded. For this reason, Imagine Science Films has partnered with NYUAD Arts Center yearly to create art-science exhibitions during our festivals.
This year, the festival is March 2-4, 2017 and the exhibition is ‘Spectrum‘. It will feature an international roster of artists who will meet in Abu Dhabi to present and discuss light-themed films and projections, made interactive in a multitude of ways.
In Limbo, an experimental documentary by Antoine Viviani, exists in two variants. The viewer can watch this poetic story of the digital age in the traditional way at closing night of Imagine Science Abu Dhabi on March 4, 2017. Or, at ‘Spectrum‘, the viewer can link up the experience to their own social media feeds and web cam in order to incorporate a personal narrative into the documentary in real-time.
Eliza McNitt‘s Fistful of Stars takes a virtual reality approach to interactivity, and features the first VR exploration of the Orion Nebula. Stéfane Perraud riffs on the myth of the Gorgon jellyfish in his interactive laser installation Bleu Gorgone #02. Markos Kay will be projecting animated visualizations which imagine unobservable subatomic particle collisions onto sand from Liwa desert. Pohjankonna Oy, the production company of Finnish filmmakers Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen and Joonatan Portaankorva, will be showing a retrospective of work which fuses traditional filmmaking with 3D modeling and CT scans.
Finally, our partner platform Labocine will present new experimental Blast! functionality with which one can explore a library of over a thousand science films. Much like scanning a genome for regions of similarity between biological sequences, Blast! allows users to scan the Labocine film archive for science words, and delivers all movie clips in which that word was used in montage and list form.
Visitors at Imagine Science Abu Dhabi can view ‘Spectrum‘ during the festival, which is from March 2-4, 2017. A schedule of gallery talks presented by the artists is forthcoming.