The Symbiosis Competition
Scientists and filmmakers come together
to produce new forms of science cinema.
Check out the 2019 Symbiosis Participants here.
Scientist & filmmaker competitors from the latest iteration of the competition! (Winter 2018/2019)
The competition works on three levels.
During production, filmmakers teach scientists their craft and scientists teach filmmakers their process. Each cohort forms a mentorship network.
Local audience
The public is invited to participate in production during special events designed to stimulate conversation about science on film.
International stage
New and experimental science films are released into the wild. And by wild, we mean the international film festival circuit. Films have gone on to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam and the New York Film Festival!
Competition last for one week.
Competitors meet at a casual night out. Shortly thereafter, they receive their pairing assignments.
Days later, the public is invited to view WIPs, participate in mentorship and lend their voice to the conversation.
The films are premiered and
awards are presented. The films begin their journey around the world.
A Symbiosis film's life does not end with the competitions. Instead, we ensure that these incredible collaborations continue to be seen by audiences all over the world. Through Imagine Science's always-growing infrastructure, these films have the chance to travel to other festivals and satellite events, and now appear on our Labocine video platform as streaming films and as profiles called Spotlights! Additionally, Symbiosis films have been submitted and screened at festivals around the world!
Local juries preside over each competition.
In 2019, our jury was:
Greg Boustead
Program Director, Science Sandbox, Simons Foundation
Michelle Hamada
Artist Programs, Tribeca Film Institute
Ben Lillie
Founder, Caveat & Story Collider
Symbiosis is generously supported by
Science Sandbox is dedicated to inspiring a deeper interest in science, especially among those who don't think of themselves as science enthusiasts. We support and collaborate with programs that unlock scientific thinking in everyone. Science Sandbox is an initiative of the Simons Foundation.
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